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Africa Trust - FAQs


Fequently asked Questions

This is supposed to be my year off for travelling - why should I want to go on an organised trip and work?

To be a traveller in a foreign country you need to live there to learn some of the language and to share some work experience - otherwise you remain just a tourist.

What sort of accommodation should I expect?

Two or three to a bedroom with comfortable beds. The buildings are mainly concrete houses in Ghana. The Trust's accommodation will have 'European' bathrooms with hot (some of the time)/cold running water.

How big are the groups?

Usually there are four or six volunteers in each group from the Uk and about the same number of volunteers from other countries around the world.

Will I have any free time?

YES: Weekends (or at least two other days per week) and a one week break roughly half way through the project. Ghana volunteers have visited the Southern side ot the Sahara Desert and neighbouring countries Togo , Burkino Faso as well as to Lake Volta (one of the world's largest man made lakes) and Mole Game Reserve.

Will I be able to work on more than one project?

Yes , during the initial two week induction course in there is much discussion about the individual projects.The team then decides for itself, under the guidance of the In Country Director, on the projects which they will join.

The educitonal objective of the programme is to introduce volunteers to different aspects of life in Africa.The frequency of changing programmes is usually only inhibited by the time you ( and , importantly , the young Africans around you ) take to assimilate to each other.

How are European/American young women treated in Ghana ?

In general, with considerable respect if the modest dress code is observed, the correct language is used and there is an obvious contribution being made to a community project. There will always, of course, in any country, be the odd 'Gucci shoe smart - arse' but a knowledge of the appropriate language is a considerable deterrent.


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