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Information About Donations

The volunteer programme in Africa now continued by Africatrust Networks which was founded by St.David's(Africa)Trust has always had a key feature - sustainable and useful gifts sourced in-country for each project which kindly hosts the volunteers. It is our modest way of saying "Thank-you".

The funds are raised by the visiting volunteers [with our assistance] and form one "pot". This money goes complete to Africa. There are no deductions. We donate the banking costs for the transfer. The "complete pot" is then distributed by the team with the advice of the in-country Director. Everyone participates equally in the decision making irrespective of their contribution. Cash donations are only ever made in very exceptional circumstances. Revenue costs are not supported. We try to provide the extra. It is not an "Ongoing Donor Programme". It is a "Thank you" programme.

Each volunteer is encouraged to raise [with our advice] the sum of;

  • for the three month visits £500 or about $800 US

  • for the six month visits £750 or about $1200 US.

These are minimum targets and anyone may donate. If you are reading this not as a volunteer but wish to donate then kindly use our contact page to do so. Computers, educational software, good condition and relevant books are always needed. Currently less than 1% of Total World Internet Users are in Africa but the population of Africa is more than 10% of the Total World Population. The Internet is potentially the greatest overall educational aid since printing was invented.

  • In the past volunteers have donated educational toys and built a playground at the Orphanage in Taroudant, Morocco [see 1995 Newsletter].

  • At the Residential Centre for Disabled Children in Khemisset, Morocco volunteers have donated several wheel-chairs and arranged an English Speaking Day for the town to which the BritishAmbassador came bringing nine new magnificent wheel-chairs. The swimming pool was repaired and the well improved so that water shortages were overcome. At the Residential and Day Centre for Disabled Children in Casablanca, Morocco a new deep-freeze was donated to improve food storage hygiene, a FAX machine to improve communication between resident children and their families as well as presenting plenty of books and some wheel-chairs. [see 1996 -98 reports]

  • In Ghana there has been a playground built at a Leprosy Re-habilitation Centre near Cape Coast [see 1995 Newletter] and many other donations, including computers to the Leprosy Re-habilitation Centre ,through to the Young Persons' library in 2001 at Dunkwa-on-Offin [see 2001 Report] .

  • In Mali there have been a range of different donations for young people [see 1999 - 2000 Reports]

In Ghana during 2001 and 2002 there has been donated a gymnasium in Cape Coast for young people to use in conjunction with the free use of the swimming pool owned by the host site. A fine donation towards this came from The International School of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, Japan who visited this web page in their search for suitable youth projects in Africa. We extend our grateful thanks to them

  • Future teams of volunteers will each be expected to provide an entry to this webpage describing their donations both as a record of thanks to the generous donors as well as an incentive "pour encourager les autres".

For Further information on donations please refer to our contact page

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